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3-30-12: Legislative Lightning Round — Crossover Edition

Ten days left in the General Assembly session. In this Crossover Day version of the Legislative Lightning Round, we’ll hear pros and cons on several bills that are one chamber away from the governor’s signature.

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3-7-12: Legislative Lightning Round

In our second lightning round of the session, we look at bills that would ban arsenic in chicken feed, introduce a new kind of cremation, and change the penalty for the knowledgable transfer of HIV. Each side gets one minute.

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2-15-12: Legislative Lightning: Round One!

Four bills, one minute for each side: it’s the return of the Legislative Lightning Round!

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12 Bills, 24 Minutes: The “Legislative Lightning Rounds” of 2011

All of the Legislative Lightning Rounds of the 2011 Maryland General Assembly session, all in one place.

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4-1-11: Legislative Lightning Round, Crossover Edition

An update on what may become law this legislative session — and what probably won’t make the cut.

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3-16-11: Legislative Lightning: Round Two!

A lightning-quick look at a few of the bills before the General Assembly.

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2-18-11: Legislative Lightning Round

4 bills, 8 voices, 8 minutes. A lightning-quick look at some of the legislation being considered in Annapolis.

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3-31-10: Legislative Lightning Round — Crossover Edition

To give you a glimpse into the set of bills that are one floor vote closer to the Governor’s pen, we bring you the “Crossover Day” edition of the Legislative Lightning Round.

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