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5-16-12: So Long Special Session

As the General Assembly special session wraps up, we talk with two reporters about what happened.

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4-24-12: The Future of the Maryland GOP

Political observers are eager to see what happens this weekend at the Republican Party of Maryland’s Spring Convention on Solomon’s Island. We’ll ask Gazette political reporter C. Benjamin Ford about the current state of the Maryland GOP, and we’ll talk to the candidates in one of the party’s most heated contests.

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4-17-12: Doomsday Details

If Governor O’Malley declines to call the legislature into a special session, hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts will go into effect. Sheilah talks to Warren Descheneux, the state’s top fiscal analyst, about how the state would handle those cuts.

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4-11-12: Addressing Climate Change, State by State

A new report out from the National Resources Defense Council names Maryland one of the top states as far as preparedness for global warming. We talk about what it means that neighboring state Virginia is not–and whether anything passed this session to move the state forward.

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4-10-12: Goodbye, Sine Die

We take a look at the what the General Assembly did and what they didn’t do.

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4-9-12: Governor Martin O’Malley

If the General Assembly can’t pass a budget on this “last” day of the session, the session will be extended. That really puts the pressure on the legislature to pass other major bills awaiting final votes, including a gaming bill and Governor Martin O’Malley’s signature wind farm and septic legislation. We’ll talk to the Governor about the latest budget negotiations and the fate of his legislative agenda.

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3-30-12: Legislative Lightning Round — Crossover Edition

Ten days left in the General Assembly session. In this Crossover Day version of the Legislative Lightning Round, we’ll hear pros and cons on several bills that are one chamber away from the governor’s signature.

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3-26-12: It’s Maryland Day!

Yay! Maryland Day! Let’s sing the state song! Oh, wait…

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3-20-12: Who Will Be Taxed?

The General Assembly has less than two weeks to pass a budget bill. There are a few new tax plans out there; one would raise tax rates on just about everyone, with an extra bump for those making over $500,000. Another would just roll back some exemptions and deductions for those making over $100,000. Sheilah gets a conservative and a liberal take on the discussions from two budget analysts.

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3-2-12: State Senator Jamie Raskin on Ethics Reform

Two weeks ago, the Maryland Senate voted to censure Democratic Senator Ulysses Currie be censured for his ethical lapses. Yesterday was the deadline for initial recommendations from a special Senate committee is trying to reform ethics rules for the rest of the legislature. We’ll talk to the chair of that committee, Democratic State Senator Jamie Raskin, about potential changes in how Maryland’s legislators police themselves.

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