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5-22-12: Your Neighborhood, Your Chemical Hazards

Maryland Department of the Environment emergency services chief Alan Williams on what you need to know about potential chemical hazards in your community.

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5-8-12: How ‘Bout Them Birds?

Not the Baltimore Orioles–at least, not the baseball team. Migratory bird season is bringing some beautiful winged creatures through Baltimore right now. Nathan Sterner gets to see some on a trip to see Maryland Ornithological Society president Mark Johnson banding birds at Eden Mill Nature Center in northern Harford County.

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4-16-12: Reforesting Strip-Mined Land

How to best reforest western Maryland’s strip-mined land.

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4-11-12: Addressing Climate Change, State by State

A new report out from the National Resources Defense Council names Maryland one of the top states as far as preparedness for global warming. We talk about what it means that neighboring state Virginia is not–and whether anything passed this session to move the state forward.

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3-26-12: The Sauer Dump Superfund Site

The Sauer Dump in southeastern Baltimore County is now a Superfund. So who cleans it up?

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3-20-12: To the Bear’s Lair

State biologists are spending this month tracking bears throughout the state, to find out where they’re living –and how healthy they are. We talk with Maryland’s principal bear biologist about what they’ve seen.

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2-27-12: Rampaging Ranavirus

Something is killing turtles and frogs in Maryland and across the country. What is it? And how do we stop it?

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2-6-12: New Year, New [Pollution] Diet Plan

Maryland is taking public comments on the latest draft of its pollution diet plan. We talk with the state Department of the Environment about the next steps for local governments.

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1-31-12: An Urban Beaver

Groundhog Day is this week, but it’s actually a beaver that has taken up residence in the main park of the city of Salisbury on the Eastern Shore. We talk with the director of the Salisbury Zoo about what this indicates about the wildlife population on the Eastern Shore.

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1-17-12: Bats vs. Wind Turbines

Wind energy is on the agenda for the General Assembly session. But what happens to birds and bats when wind farms pop up in their natural habitat?

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