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1-13-12: Appearing Ordnance!

Bombs on the beach!

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12-26-11: Duck Hunting on the Chesapeake

Duck hunting in Maryland has evolved as the bay has changed. We’ll take a trip to Cambridge to learn more about it.

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12-19-11: An Unlikely Coalition

Governor O’Malley is expected to propose another bill that would incentivize the creation of a wind farm off the coast of Ocean City. It’s created an unlikely coalition that includes both environmentalists and organized labor leaders.

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12-5-11: The Role of a Stormwater Utility

As Maryland prepares to go on its pollution diet, certain jurisdictions are looking into fees to help pay for the cost of reducing stormwater runoff. But critics say it’s not the right time for a regressive tax. We talk with an Anne Arundel councilman who’s proposing a measure there.

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11-23-11: How Much of Your Thanksgiving Meal is from Maryland?

About 48%, according to a new study from 1,000 Friends of Maryland. We talk about what that means in terms of farming practices in the Free State.

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11-14-11: A Better Bay?

A new study shows that reducing pollution to the Bay has a concrete impact are reducing the size of the Bay’s dead zones.

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10-24-11: Fruitful Fish

We find out why it’s been such a banner year for rockfish spawning.

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9-28-11: An Argument Against Grass

Gardener and writer Anne Raver talks with Tom Hall about how some people are forgoing grass, and letting native plants grow in their yards, instead.

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9-12-11: What About the Bay?

How is the bay handling all this rain?

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8-19-11: Step Away from the Pony

In June, Assateague Island National Seashore sent away Fabio, one of its famous wild horses, after it became too aggressive toward park visitors. We’ll check in with Fabio’s trainer in Texas, and we’ll talk to a park spokesman about how to establish boundaries between Assateague’s wild horses and the visitors who love them…a little too much.

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