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5-16-12: The Food OUR Food Eats

On today’s Smart Nutrition, Tom Hall talks with nutritionist Monica Reinagel and Keeve Nachman at the Center for a Livable Future about how we can be affected by the diets of our food.

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5-9-12: What’s Cookin’?

The best way to approach asparagus!

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4-18-12: Lean, De-Boned Beef…By Any Other Name

Nutritionist Monica Reinagel talks with Tom Hall about the controversy surrounding a beef product known as “pink slime.”

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4-11-12: Snacks with Sascha

Sascha Wolhandler of Sascha’s 527 brings us the most tasty mushrooms.

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3-14-12: It’s Good For You!

Guinness is one of the most beloved drinks of the Irish — and here, Sascha Wolhandler tells you how to incorporate it into other aspects of cooking.

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2-22-12: A Caffeine Fix — Minus the Cream and Sugar.

Tom Hall talks with nutritionist Monica Reinagel about new national guidelines for school lunches–and whether getting caffeine via an inhaler is safe for consumers.

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2-15-12: Planting a Potato Next to a Stoplight

Tom Hall talks with two urban farmers about the process of breaking ground in Baltimore’s Reservoir Hill neighborhood.

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2-14-12: Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby

Baltimore city’s infant mortality rate is over 50 percent higher than the national average. The city’s health department wants to bring it down, and it has a program that’s targeting obesity. Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot will tell us what obesity has to do with infant health, and we’ll meet a local mom who’s losing pounds in the program.

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1-27-12: Future of Maryland’s Family Farms?

How could changing the estate tax in Maryland affect the amount of farmland in Maryland?

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1-18-12: Snacking After Midnight

Working at night? Nutritionist Monica Reinagel has tips to keep you from downing carbs to stay awake.

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