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6-11-12: Doctor-Patient Communication

Why patients are afraid to talk to their doctors…and what they both can do about it.

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5-1-12: Unraveling Pseudoseizures

It looks like a seizure, it feels like a seizure–but it’s not caused by the same things that cause seizures.

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4-17-12: Health Enterprise Zones

Will new proposed solutions to health disparities work in Maryland?

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3-9-12: Re-evaluating HIV Rates

The rate of HIV infection in African-American women in Baltimore is much higher than we thought.

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3-5-12: mHealth Matters

Medical advice from your phone.

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2-27-12: Rampaging Ranavirus

Something is killing turtles and frogs in Maryland and across the country. What is it? And how do we stop it?

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2-20-12: The Math Behind Slowing HIV

Understanding just how well HIV-slowing drugs work.

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1-30-12: Weighty Issues

How the weight of your doctor could influence the advice they give you on losing weight.

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12-30-11: IHV and AIDS

A vaccine against HIV-AIDS may sound like a medical dream…but researchers in Baltimore say they have one in sight. We talk to Dr. Robert Gallo, founder of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

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12-30-11: Music at Walter Reed

The legacy of September 11 in America has been perhaps most visible at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington. We’ll hear from a Maryland woman who spent just about every Friday performing music for the wounded soldiers until the hospital was closed last summer.

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