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6-8-12: When Galaxies Collide!

The Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies are going to smash into each other…in four billion years.

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6-5-12: The Transit of Venus

See it today, or wait another hundred years or so.

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5-30-12: Migrating Martian Sand Dunes

How and why the sand dunes of Mars move around the planet

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5-1-12: Unraveling Pseudoseizures

It looks like a seizure, it feels like a seizure–but it’s not caused by the same things that cause seizures.

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3-9-12: Re-evaluating HIV Rates

The rate of HIV infection in African-American women in Baltimore is much higher than we thought.

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3-5-12: mHealth Matters

Medical advice from your phone.

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2-27-12: Rampaging Ranavirus

Something is killing turtles and frogs in Maryland and across the country. What is it? And how do we stop it?

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2-20-12: The Math Behind Slowing HIV

Understanding just how well HIV-slowing drugs work.

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2-13-12: New Guidelines on Human Trials

We look over the new guidelines on ethics in research involving humans from the World Health Organization.

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Whither Academic Publishing?

A University of Maryland professor of physiology responds to our segment about the academic publishing industry.

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