Catherine Pugh

Catherine Pugh, Democrat, is a Maryland State Senator from the 40th District, Baltimore City.

Youth Jobs:
“I am committed to ensuring that young people are given every opportunity to succeed in life. I recognize that young people stand on our corners because they are in need of opportunities to choose something other than drugs, gangs and dropping out of school. I will work in partnership with the non-profit and private sector to ensure that every child in Baltimore that wants to work, is given a job. Not just during the summer, but year around work in fields that they hold some interest in and enthusiasm for. I will have lawyers, doctors, law enforcement and every other profession in the workplace giving young people a chance to make money and learn if that job is right for them!

Too many of our children need to work to contribute to their family expenses because their parents are addicted to drugs, or their parents are unemployed or under-employed, or because they need to make sure their siblings are eating and attending school. In a Pugh administration we will have a Marshall Plan-like effort to put young people to work and help them become fully participating adults in the life of our city.”

The Budget:
No response.

Vacant Houses:
“Boarded up and abandoned houses in our city are not only a blight on our communities but represents decades-long neglect on behalf of past and present political leadership.  Not all boarded up homes in our city can be rehabilitated.  Many will have to be destroyed and sold to community groups to determine their best use. But instead of bundling boarded up properties for sale to developers in masse, let us revive the $1 House Program so that people who have the desire and can obtain the financial resources to maintain the property have the opportunity to become homeowners. My administration will offer, in addition to the first time homebuyers program, the same incentives to new homeowners that we use to entice our police officers, firefighters and teachers to live in the city.  This program will also limit the yearly property tax obligation of these new owners to $2,500-$3,000 for a decade as they move forward in rebuilding their home and their community.

I am also a strong proponent of working with the leadership of our city’s colleges and universities to create a pipeline program that steers graduates to homeownership. Too many young graduates leave the city but continue to work and play in and around Baltimore but don’t contribute to our tax base, as homeowners do.

 And finally, I want to concentrate on growing Baltimore’s population over the next ten years through effective governing that will give potential and former residents the confidence to believe that Baltimore is a place they could safely raise their families, work and enjoy a vibrant and thriving community life.”

No response.


Baltimore is a city suffering from a serious crime problem. If we do not act now, we will continue to experience declining neighborhoods, lack of jobs and investments.

In talking with police, community leaders, neighbors, faith leaders, school officials, business and philanthropic leaders and stakeholders it is clear that our crime reduction strategy must take several approaches if we are going to turn the tide and make Baltimore a safer, cleaner and healthier city.

As Mayor, Catherine Pugh will pursue a smart, targeted, and multifaceted strategy to prevent and control crime. From raising the trust and confidence our neighbors have in the police department to engaging our youth and giving them opportunities to succeed, Catherine Pugh’s plan gives law enforcement the resources they need, and provides our youth with a pathway to success.

Several highlights:

Overhaul the Police Department –

• Immediate audit of citywide crime statistics

•  Create an office of Inspector General within the department to ensure the highest standards and integrity

• Return a sense of pride and professionalism in the department by encouraging professional training, accreditations and continuing education, and re-establish a tuition assistance program

•Create an office of public safety to connect the community to crime prevention and include all stakeholders such as police, fire, educators, community representatives, prosecutors, all city agencies Strengthen Citizens on Patrols and include the model taking place in SW Baltimore called Citizens on Patrol without Borders where groups work together across the city.

Create a Citizens Police Academy to allow community and police officers to interact on a formal basis to understand the goals, mission and history of the police and help police understand different cultural identities and first-hand interaction with people in communities where problems are occurring.

The most important component of Senator Pugh’s public safety strategy is creating opportunities for young people that deter them from getting involved in crime in the first place.

•   Year round internships, not just a summer job, that partners with the business and philanthropic communities to put young people to work in various fields and gives them work experience and a stipend

•  Create a Distributive Education program that allows young people to work half a day and go to school half a day

• Keep community and recreation centers open with added help from the faith community, college students, retired teachers, retired police officers and community non-profits and businesses that not only give young people a safe place to play but also offers mentorships, homework assistance, job training, life skills counseling and alternatives to crime and gangs.

Identifies the 300 young people in the city most likely to be involved in gun violence either as a shooter or as a victim and provide them with intense wrap around community based services.

•  Build bridges between youth and law enforcement by creating a youth cadet program in high schools and work with the police department and federal and state governments to create a pipeline for young people to attend local colleges and pursue careers in law enforcement.

And much much more.

Residency for City Workers:
No response.

Business Climate:
No response.

Lead Paint Settlements:
No response.


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