Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Democrat, is the Mayor of Baltimore.

Youth Jobs:
No response.

No response.

Vacant Houses:
No response.

No response.

Crime: Crime is down in Baltimore.  Murder is at its lowest in 26 years, but I know that that’s not enough if you don’t feel safe in your neighborhood. Like many people in Baltimore, a family member of mine was a victim of violent crime and that’s something you live with every day of your life.  My public safety plan will lock up criminals with a history of violence, continue to toughen laws on illegal guns, put hundreds of new police officers on the streets and invest in new technology to give police the tools that they need.  I’m also working with neighborhoods, community activists and religious leaders to make sure that these policies protect all of our citizens.  It won’t be easy but as your Mayor I am doing everything in my power to make every neighborhood in Baltimore safer.  My opponents say that we don’t need more police officers but at community association meetings across our city I’ve never heard people say that we don’t need more police officers on the street.  Their irresponsible economic plans would also wreck the city budget and force major cuts across the board: in youth services, in schools, in fire protection and in the police department.  That’s what the Tea Party is doing to our national government, and I will not allow that to happen in Baltimore.

Residency for City Workers:
No response.

Business Climate:
No response.

Lead Paint Settlements:
No response.


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