Women at War

Four weeks after the attacks of 9-11, on October 7th, 2001, American troops invaded Afghanistan. In the eight years since, the role that women play in the U.S. armed services has grown.

In our series, Women at War, producer Katherine Gorman talked with Maryland women who have served in Afghanistan about the issues inherent in being a soldier and a woman.

Kate Ennis: In our first story we meet Kate Ennis. She served as a Botswain’s Mate in the Navy. Thanks to the Maryland VA Hospital for putting us in touch with Kate.

Rebecca Montgomery: In the second installment of our series we meet Chaplain Rebecca Montgomery from Bethesda, Maryland. Married just before she deployed, both she and her husband served in Afghanistan for 18 months between the winter of 2005 and the summer of 2006. Now her husband is deployed again and for the first time she’s experiencing life on the home front.

Iris Hernandez: In this episode we meet Iris Hernandez. She has served in the army reserves for 20 years and spent a year as head nurse at the Bagram Airbase hospital. Back at home, she works for the Maryland VA hospital as the Associate Chief Nurse for Geriatrics at the Loch Raven Campus in Baltimore.

Janette Arencibia: In the final story from our Women at War series, we meet Navy Lieutenant Janette Arencibia. She tells us the story of her year deployed with the Army in landlocked Afghanistan.

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