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2-22-12: A Caffeine Fix — Minus the Cream and Sugar.

Tom Hall talks with nutritionist Monica Reinagel about new national guidelines for school lunches–and whether getting caffeine via an inhaler is safe for consumers.

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1-18-12: Snacking After Midnight

Working at night? Nutritionist Monica Reinagel has tips to keep you from downing carbs to stay awake.

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12-21-11: A Tipple or Two–What Does It Do?

A nutritionist’s take on what your body goes through when you drink alcohol.

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9-21-11: For Amber Waves

From Cheerios to pizza, whole grains are everywhere. But how does adding them to your diet really affect your health? Tom Hall talks about it with our nutrition diva Monica Reinagel.

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8-17-11: D’You Want Apple Slices With That?

Fast food restaurants are offering more healthy options. But are people choosing them — and is it making a difference in terms of our health?

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6-15-11: How Much Is That Muffin in the Window?

A provision in the 2010 Health Care Reform Bill requires that Starbucks tell you that — in terms of calories, not just price. In fact, all restaurants with more than 20 locations will be affected by this. Our nutrition diva, Monica Reinagel, discusses the new provision with Tom Hall. They also speak about the USDA’s move from a food pyramid to a food plate.

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3-16-11: Secrets to a Healthy Diet

Is 8 glasses of water a day too much? No, it’s just right! Or is it? There’s a lot of advice about how to eat healthy — our nutrition diva Monica Reinagel talks with Tom Hall about her secrets to a healthy diet.

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1-19-11: Walking on Sunshine

How to get your daily dose of Vitamin D in winter months.

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12-15-10: Illicit Dairy Products

Raw milk: nectar from the gods –or dangerous drink?

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7-28-10: Is Our Children Eating?

Baltimore City Public Schools food and nutrition director Tony Geraci is cutting back his hours and moving to New Hampshire. He tells Tom what that means for Baltimore’s ambitious plans to make school lunches healthier.

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